Better Entrust the Stump Removal to Experts

Three Methods You Can Use to Get Rid of Stumps  

It is required to get stumps removed right after the tree cutting procedure. Tree stumps are hazardous, unattractive, attract pests, and cause inconvenience. That’s why keeping them over time in your yard is not a good idea. Removing stumps is not as easy as you think. This task still requires skills and knowledge. Here are different methods you can use when it comes to tree stump removal:

Use a Stump Grinder

The question is: do you have a stump grinder? If you buy or rent out this equipment, do you know how to operate it? Grinding is one of the fastest and easiest ways to remove tree stumps. Before you grind your stumps, make sure the area around the stump is free from debris and rocks. You should also make sure to wear proper eye and ear protection, as well as a pair of gloves and boots. For a safer stump removal procedure, it’s best to hire experts.

Use a Chemical Remover

This is another way of eliminating stumps. You can use chemical removers. This is highly effective but can come with the risks of not being handled carefully. After pouring in chemical remover on your stumps, usually you need to wait a few weeks for the chemicals to take effect, softening the stumps. If it looks soft enough to remove, you can chop it up and haul it away.

Use Fire to Burn Stumps

You could use fire to burn your stumps. However, this brings a lot of risks. Before you consider this method, check with your fire conditions and local laws to ensure it is both legal and safe. To burn a stump, you need to put woods around and on top of it, and be ready to keep feeding the fire. After that, you can dig it out and cover the hole with soil.

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