Know When to Call Your Professional Arborist

Signs You Must Hire a Tree Contractor

When you hire a professional tree contractor, they’ll provide you with estimates, assess the need for removal, and inspect your trees. Getting rid of a tree on your own could be dangerous, especially if you need to climb a ladder while carrying the tools needed to get rid of the bulky branches; these are just some of the dangers that come along with DIY tree removal. Your educated, insured, licensed, and certified arborist is familiar with how to safely remove trees. Below are the signs you must hire one!

It’s causing problems on others

You might want to consider getting rid of a tree if it’s posing a liability or causing some problems with your neighbors. Your neighbors might be mad that the tree is dropping branches or leaves on their property. Or maybe they might be concerned that the tree is going to fall on their property. Whatever the case might be, it’s easier to get rid of trees if it’s raising valid concerns with your neighbors.

It’s damaged after heavy storms

It’s common for people to become attached to the trees on their property. With that, it can be difficult to let them go, even if it’s obvious it has sustained major damage, which is common. If your trees are coming up at the roots or are missing branches after a recent storm, it’s time to let a tree contractor inspect it. If you want to keep your trees, your professional arborist will do anything to save it, but removal is the best course of action, especially after major damage.

You see mushrooms popping up

Another sign that you might have tree problems is if you notice mushrooms growing at the base of your trees. Usually, mushrooms only grow in areas where there’s decay visible and what’s worse is that mushrooms produce decay as they grow. Hence, the presence of mushrooms means you’ve got a diseased or decaying tree and the problem is only going to get worse until the tree is removed.

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