Need a Dead Tree Removed from Your Garden?

What Are the Different Methods a Tree Removal Contractor Will Remove a Tree?

Besides the standard methods of removing a tree, usually involving a chainsaw, there are also several different variations to this process. Most mature trees need a bucket truck in order to be removed. This works by raising a worker high in the air next to the tree in question; the worker is then able to remove the tree in pieces. This method removes any chances of dropping a full-size tree on objects or buildings close by. Another way to remove a tree is to climb it and then start to cut the limbs whilst sitting inside the tree.

Sometimes, when a team arrives to remove a tree, they will find the tree is overshadowing a roadway or building. This in itself will pose a problem due to the fact the tree limbs cannot be dropped when they are cut, without the possibility of damaging property or causing a potential hazard. The most practical way to remove a tree in this situation is by lowering the cut limbs to the ground using a rope. By tying a rope around the limb, it is then possible to cut and lower it to the floor, thus avoiding any contact with structures or busy traffic. Depending upon the location, multiple ropes could have to be used to direct the limbs down.

The last step to remove a tree is cutting the trunk. Many trees need to be cut numerous times, in order to get pieces of the trunk to the ground safely. To remove the tree, the tree removal contractor must ensure the tree can be handled when it is on the floor. Some will use a skid loader to remove the tree; the trunk will be lifted in sections, placed upon the trailer, and hauled away. The last piece of the trunk will be cut close to the floor, and the property owner will have to decide to either remove the stump or get the company to remove it by grinding it down using a stump grinder.

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