Signs Your Trees Need Trimming

Tree ServiceWhen to Use a Professional Tree Service

Tree trimming is of pivotal importance for the well-being of your plants, as well as their appeal and beauty. When trees are neglected, they become prone to damage and illnesses, which can affect your entire landscape and property. Look for the following signs to know when you must call arborists and benefit from their professional tree care service.

Weak Branches

Weak and sick branches are more than an eyesore. They are a safety hazard as they can fall at any given moment and cause structural damage or injury. You can easily recognize such limbs as they lack foliage and look dry. Have the trimmed to prevent future complications and ensure the healthy grown of your trees.

Missing Bark

The bark is the skin of the trees. When it is missing, the trunk is left exposed to the elements and is vulnerable to pests and diseases. This issue can be caused by different factors, which is why you should contact an arborist to come and evaluate the condition of your plants. Using a quality tree service on time may save your plants.

Dead Branches

Dead limbs are very brittle and unstable. They tend to break and fall easily, especially when exposed to strong winds. Furthermore, if you have children that like climbing on trees, they can succumb to their weight and cause your kids to fall on the ground. Use a dependable tree trimming service to remove them and ensure the safety of your trees.

Poorly Formed Trees 

Sometimes trees can have odd shapes because of sick branches. Trimming them will not only stop the illness from spreading but it can also help your plants regain their original form.

Large Trees

Large trees are majestic and add to the beauty of any property. But they are also dangerous as their branches can put pressure on nearby walls and interfere with the power lines. Trimming the overgrown lines will keep your property and other structures safe and allow the tree to keep growing.

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