Tree Pruning Mistakes to Avoid

How Not to Prune Your Trees  

When you are considering tree pruning, there are a few things that you should never do, and most of them are listed below.

All-around Bad Cuts

Even if you only want to remove one branch, you will be able to see if your tree has been butchered when you notice any of these cut types:

Stub Cuts

These do not allow the tree to seal off against disease. So if you can hang something off the end of a branch, then you know it is a cutback.

Flush Cuts

This is when a branch collar has been removed, this will prevent the tree from sealing over.

Heading Cuts

This is when the end of a branch has been cut at a random point, which leaves the tree open to pests and diseases, in addition to creating weaker branches at the cut end.

Topping Your Tree

This is considered one of the worst things to happen to a tree. Remarkably, this practice is still used by many tree care service providers. However, it is not advisable.

Why is Topping so Bad?

It is because it involves cutting the tree’s main trunk, or branch leader, anywhere below its apex. This technique reduces the height of the tree. The trunk or branch leader is said to be the most important part of a tree, as it first appeared as the tree’s first sprout, then grew slowly upwards, thus developing lateral side branches, all of which form the structure of a tree’s crown. This is the main reason a well-maintained, mature tree is balanced and looks right.

Pruning Major Limbs

Pruning large tree branches that have a diameter over 3-4 inches will create wounds that are just too big for the tree to seal off. Depending on the tree’s crown and the structure of its branches, it is better to remove a large diameter branch by cutting it flush to the trunk. This way, the branch can seal the wound.

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