What to Avoid When Taking Care of Trees

Maintenance Don’ts From a Tree Contractor

If you have a lot of trees in your backyard, then you must know how important maintenance is. Not only do you have to constantly take care of the tree, but you also have to continue to improve its health. Otherwise, the trees could die and start to decay and you’ll have even more problems to deal with. But when following your maintenance routine, make sure to avoid doing the following as advised by a tree contractor:

Incorrect Trimming Methods

Not knowing how to properly trim the branches will result in more harm than good for your trees. For instance, if you cut the branch right up to the trunk of the tree, the weight of the branch will bring it down and tear the bark in the process. If this happens, the big wound will take a long time to heal.

Direct Mulching

There may come a time when you will have to apply mulch because of the poor soil quality. But you have to make sure that you apply it properly. If you apply it directly to the tree, the protruding roots could get covered. Once the mulch is removed, the roots that grew into the mulch will be out of place and will not grow properly.

Watering Under the Sun

The roots need enough water on a daily basis and if you water when the sun is up, the water could evaporate too quickly. The roots might not be able to get enough that it needs. Make sure that you water when the sun isn’t up yet so that the tree will get enough.

These are just some of the maintenance don’ts that you have to avoid when taking care of the trees. If you need help with the maintenance, you can always rely on a tree contractor such as A-A-A Tree Care & Landscaping, LLC. We can maintain the trees on your property in Anoka, MN properly.