Why Tree Stumps Must Be Removed

Why Stump Removal Should Be a No-Brainer When Ridding of Trees

Let us say that you’ve just removed a sickly tree from your yard. In that case, the job will likely leave behind an ugly stump. This tree remnant isn’t just unsightly, it can actually be hazardous to anyone in your household. That is why you have to think about getting a stump removal before the said stump can cause anyone trouble in the first place.

So why should you get this kind of service sooner and not later? Read on to find out.

Safety Precaution

Do you have pets and kids at home? If yes, you wouldn’t want to find them tripping over a tree stump and injuring themselves in the process one random day. But this is a real possibility, especially when your children love running around the house.

Another potential hazard this can cause if you’ve got a lawnmower. When the grass is tall enough to hide the stump, you could end up causing massive damage to your mower if you leave a tree stump behind.

Pest Deterrent

What most homeowners don’t realize is that a tree stump can and will attract insects once it starts to rot. And if there’s a nearby flower or vegetable garden, the subsequent infestation can wreak massive havoc. As a responsible homeowner, you wouldn’t want anything of this sort happening in the first place.

To keep pests at bay, you should get the stump removed. There are dire consequences if you won’t do so.

Yard Health

A tree that has just been removed is most likely sickly. The tree stump it just left behind will likely harbor the same disease, too. So if you don’t want the said stump infecting other trees or even other plants in your yard, get stump removal done ASAP.

In the end, doing so will make sure every plant and bloom on your landscape would grow healthy.

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